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Business wear

This first item of clothing is a lovely cream fit and with some sort of neck-less can work very well. We recommend a darker skirt or trousers as the two contrasts work well together, maybe a black skirt would fit. This lady is very proud of her new outfit, even if she was thinking about having another colour first. However, Fashionista Diary find this colour and material very attractive.




Bringing old fashion into modern fashion is becoming very popular. As you can see once again we put the black with the white as these two contrast very well and are very much expected in most work places, the bow really works well together with the shirt and again with black trousers it goes down a treat.




A blue blazer over the white shirt gives you that look that your ready for business but you are fun person and easy to get along with, so if this is you, you better get that blue blazer in your wardrobe. We assume that most fashion aware men already got a similar blazer in their wardrobe, but this is really the most useful type of blazer for men. What do you think?




We at absolutely love this jacket and we think that anyone that has it has a real sense of fashion and individuality. The jacket is unique on its own and works very well with a white shirt underneath. Is this the type of jacket you would consider?




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